Walk down the sidewalks, drive along the boulevards, hang out along the beaches of Santa Cruz County, and you can't not see it. It's there on T-shirts, caps and hoodies. You'll see it looking back on you on the bumpers of cars on Highway 1. It's in store displays, surfboards and on skateboards -- its natural home. 

It's the official trademarked logo of Santa Cruz Skateboards, and it is probably the most prominent iconic image ever to come out of Santa Cruz County. These days, it's bigger than skateboards and it's even bigger than Santa Cruz, too. 

People all over the world, even in other places along the West Coast will often buy SCS merchandise as a way to connect with Santa Cruz and its beach-town culture. It's common for local people who've never stepped on a skateboard to wear the logo. The logo itself has proven to be endlessly adaptable, emerging in an infinite number of contrasting colors. There's also the image of the "Santa Cruz" on fire "the flame dot", in front of a crescent moon "the moon dot", even in Japanese lettering "the Japanese dot".

It's only right that it should have it's own website with all the fantastic unique styles that Santa Cruz has to offer. We want to share the love with everyone, near or far, and make it easy to find just what you're looking for.